Names of Baby Animals in English pdf

Question No. 1 :: What is the name of bear baby?

(A) Pup

(B) Chick 

(C) Cub 

(D) Foal 

Answer :: (C) Cub

Question No. 2 :: What is the cat baby name?

(A) Kitten 

(B) Calf 

(C) Fawn 

(D) Joey 

Answer :: (A) Kitten

Question No. 3 :: What is the baby name of deer?

(A) Cub

(B) Foal

(C) Spat

(D) Fawn 

Answer :: (D) Fawn 

Question No. 4 :: What is the duck baby name?

(A) Kid

(B) Chick 

(C) Duckling

(D) Fawn 

Answer :: (C) Duckling 

Question No. 5 :: What is baby zebra called?

(A) Cub

(B) Foal 

(C) Nymph 

(D) Spat

Answer :: (B) Foal

Question No. 6 :: What the name of baby giraffe?

(A) Chick 

(B) Calf

(C) Foal

(D) Pup

Answer :: (B) Calf 

Question No. 7 :: What is baby sheep called?

(A) Cub 

(B) Infant

(C) Joey

(D) Lamb

Answer :: (D) Lamb

Question No. 8 :: What is the name of baby goat?

(A) Kid 

(B) Spat

(C) Lamb

(D) Foal 

Answer :: (A) Kid 

Question No. 9 :: What is the name of baby fox? 

(A) Calf

(B) Pups

(C) Joey

(D) Chick

Answer :: (B) Pups 

Question No. 10 :: What is baby tiger called?

(A) Cub 

(B) Fawn 

(C) Pup

(D) Kit 

Answer :: A) Cub